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When it comes to food and eating have you ever felt frustrated, anxious, and nondeserving?  You are not alone.  In our society we are bombarded with messages and images that tell us how and what we "should" be eating and how our bodies "should" look.  Food is labeled as "healthy" or "unhealthy" and "good" or "bad."  It's no wonder that we associate food with guilt.  Most of us have tried one diet or another and have ended back at the same place - frustrated.  Some of us have used food to "cope" with life and have ended up abusing our bodies through severe restriction, binge eating, and/or purging.  And most likely all of us are confused about how to nourish the body for optimal health.

How do I fuel my body for peak performance, without decreasing my energy level?  How do I reach a weight that is comfortable for my body?  How do I let go of my eating disorder, and embrace life?  How do I stop the obsession with food?  How do I nourish my body for optimal health?  How do I not feel guilty for eating a forbidden food?  Are these things even possible?  The answer is YES!  Let me teach you how!